Soul companions use their inner light to illuminate the light in each other. ~ Caroline Myss

Sacred Circle logo

We are a collaboration of inspired women, committed to serving as vessels of awakening and healing across our planet. Our goal is to create a space in which soul connection is easily experienced and shared with others. All of our events are held virtually, and you can connect by Skype, phone or via webcast. 

Sacred Circle Retreats offers a space in which to move more deeply into the Divine beings we are. We meet on the plane of virtual reality, through teleconferencing and web listening.

Coming together with open hearts in communion with others around the globe, a powerful circle of  healing and Divine energy is created around, within and between us. Each of us greets our authenticity here–in service as both teacher and student to one another. 

You’ll find a unique span of offerings, as our intention is to acknowledge Unity through our diversity. Take your time in browsing our Upcoming Events, allowing your inner voice to guide you into a space that best serves your spirit. Each offering is meant to enhance your own healing, enlightenment and ability to step more fully into your soul’s purpose. 

Moving through the layers of consciousness in this way, we invite the mystical to enfold our selves, our homes, our planet. 

Our work is to understand and embrace our Divine selves more fully, animating the unique gifts and talents we’ve brought into this lifetime. As we heal ourselves, we heal the world. Raising our own vibrations, we raise consciousness around the globe, honoring who we are at the deepest level. This is your invitation to join us.